Biker Friendly Campsite.

Fantastic Biker Friendly Campsite located in picturesque West Wales. Great location and amenities. Some awesome biking routes to explore including Pembrokeshire, West Wales Mid Wales and North Wales.


Enjoy and keep safe Wynne

Ceredigion Bikers

Ceredigion Bikers , great bunch of friendly people. Regular meets and ride outs.

vast wealth of biking knowledge and experience. One of the group will know someone who knows someone who can help. Honestly well worth becoming a member.

keep safe Wynne.

Great Coffee Stop.

To all you bikers out there. Great Coffee Stop, visit Ian Marquis at The Owls Nest Tea Room Dinner. Located central to some fantastic motorbike routes. Ample parking, great welcome, biker friendly not to mention good food. Ideal Stop whilst out on your travels.

Located Llandovery, near the the rugby ground. Enjoy keep safe, cheers Wynne.

Keeping warm.

Bikers, are you keeping warm, in this cold snap? I use Gerbing, a clothing product that is heated. Gerbing jacket can interconnect with gloves, trousers and ultimately shocks. That said I find that I only ever use the jacket and on very cold days the gloves.

I would not be without my heated jacket in this weather. Any purchase is made of your own choice. Cheers, keep safe.