Cleaning product.

Hi, we’ve all experienced the life long problem, not enough time in the day! Early this week I was faced with that very issue, not enough time, but the bike needed to be cleaned. Against my instinct I borrowed a product from my sons collection. “Williams waterless wash’n wax”. Previously I had not used such a product, always used water, then leather it dry before the polish. I was indeed pleasantly surprised! The Williams waterless wash’n wax has carnauba in it’s mix. It did what it claimed, removed dirt and stains effortlessly. The finish was a high gloss, impressive and I will use again.

Any purchase of this product is of course down to the individual. Take care. Wynne.


Vouchers, now available.

Hi everyone, please note ‘vouchers’ are now available! Perfect gift for an enthusiastic biker. All requests can be arranged via the contact page, in the comment section. Thanks for looking, keep safe.

Regards Wynne.

For all you bikers.

I recently prepared my trusted stead, a ‘BMW RT1200’ for an extensive tour of the lakes and Scotland. I treated the bike with new tyre, ‘Michelin road 4 GT’

As you can all appreciate ,we encountered all road types and some horrendous weather conditions. This model tyre, I had not previously experienced. Overall the tyre performed to a very high standard, affording good grip with what now appears to be ample wear. The tread pattern design, in my humble opinion is impressive as it disperses water at an alarmingly effective rate. Wet weather riding not a problem!

I am impressed! Please check before any purchase that the tyre is recommended for your bike. Any such purchase must be down to the individual .

Take care. Wynne John.