Hi I am very experienced in the Police system of advanced Driving/Riding. I am relaxed with a chilled out approach, fun loving, however with a professional attitude. I am also a ROSPA Advanced Drivers and Riding Examiner.

It is my view that Wales has some of the most spectacular motorbike riding roads!

Why not tour some of Wales’s beautiful scenic locations and learn a little about the police system of Driving/Riding!  That said, I am not limited to wales and can travel further afield if required.

I am flexible with running such activities, and can adapt to meet with an individual’s requirements and expectations.  This will be an on-going process throughout the course.

The course will commence with a pre-arranged meeting place, convenient for all parties.  Simple admin duties will take no longer than a hot beverage!

We will discuss the expectations you wish and hope to achieve from the course and I will strive and work hard to meet these goals.

We will then ride or drive out with a quick assessment and appraisal of riding driving style.  During the day there will be ample comfort breaks where we will discuss the journeys, ride/drive, feedback and some tips!

Should the need arise, I can take the lead bike role and demonstrate some of the skills I have obtained over the years.

There will be ample opportunities for photographs.  Hopefully, if all goes to plan, there will be big smiles all around!

Should you wish,  there is a feedback link on the web site for others to see.

Vouchers are available. Please make enquiries via the contact page.