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33 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Michael Rhys-Ellis says:

    Spent two days with Wynne, his first customer. Absolutely a top bloke, top rider and passed on a wealth of experience. Highly recommend and will definitely return to do the 5 day course. Ride time and rest time spot on, routes covered spectacular. Total value for money. This experience will definitely make you a better safer rider. Many thanks Wynne.

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  2. Mark J says:

    I was fortunate enough to have ‘big Wynne John’ as a driving instructor for both a standard and advanced level driving course. His experience and knowledge of the Welsh roads is second to none (and he knows all the best coffee stops!!). Wynne is truly professional and will deliver the course to your individual needs, but will also ensure that you reach your full potential. I wish I now had a bike to enjoy what Wynne is offering. Enjoy.

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  3. Cheryl says:

    I have received advanced driver training and refresher training from Wynne over the last 10 years. He has the unique ability to very quickly identify how an individual learns and adapts his training style accordingly. Wynne always gets the best out of people and is an extremely experienced and professional biker.

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  4. Adrian (Gucci) says:

    Spent some memorable times with Wynne, learnt to make progress safely, enjoyed the scenery, he knows every T stop and gives meaningful feedback, will be back for more Top bloke

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  5. Oliver Jones says:

    I Had a Superb Single Riding Day with Wynne. We Went on a Variety of Different Roads Through Mid and South Wales. We Had Frequent Stops to Review Our Ride with Constructive Advice and Tips Being Given Throughout the Day. He is Great Company and Whilst Riding with Wynne It Was Evident You Could Not Be Riding with Anyone Better, his Years of Experience Shone Through. In Just One Day of Riding I Could Feel that My Riding had Transformed into a Far More Confident and Safer Style. I am Definitely Signing Up for a Further Course Soon. I Can Highly Recommend It to Anyone Who Was Considering Such a Course. It’s the Best Money You Could Spend on Improving Your Riding – Excellent Value for Money- For Someone Wanting to Take Their Riding to the Next Level then a Course with Wynne is Definitely the Way Forward. You Not Only Improve Your Riding but You Enjoy a Fun Day Out Seeing Beautiful Wales Through the Best Roads in the Country on Motorbikes. Many Thanks, Oliver

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  6. Lee Taylor (Greenfields) says:

    Passed my test 3weeks ago ,felt I needed more knowledge and confidence ,wynne instilled both of these. By the end of the day I had learnt safety tips which they don’t teach on cbt or mod 2 (and a few little. Cheats) going round corners smoother and faster but most of all safer..had a great day nice coffe , I would recommend anyone with a bike to give wynne a call you will definitely learn something.i will be booking again

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  7. Dave Price says:

    Exactly what it says on the tin and more. I signed up for a one day course with Wynne who was able to structure and plan a route to suit my training needs. This he delivered throughout the day in a relaxed, professional and friendly manner. With plenty of stops for refreshment and feedback. As the day progressed having delivered my primary aim and assessed my ability. Wynne was able to help me improve other aspects of my riding. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I feel the skills imparted to me during the day have improved my safety, confidence and awareness. I would recommend Wynne John ‘A Skills & Thrills Experience’ to any level of rider wanting to do the same. I will definitely be signing up for a five day course in the near future.

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  8. jeff evans says:

    Just completed a one day course with Wynne and as well as being a highly informative skills enhancing experience, it was extremely enjoyable. Wynne is a very skilled rider and is able to “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk”. The way he handles his RT1200 when he takes the lead ride is a joy to watch, making it look easy which is down to his skill set.
    He identified an area of my riding that could be enhanced and towards the end of the day it was all starting to fall into place.
    The value for money for a days course is brilliant and even better if you take on the three or five days training which would be hugely beneficial. I will definitely be back for some more training.

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    Recently spent 2 days with Wynne after a long break from bikes. A fantastic experience from a very good instructor, resulting in me regaining my confidence. His constructive feedback was valuable, encouraging and easy to understand.
    A huge endorsement from me, highly recommended and great value. Thanks Wynne.



  10. Roger Delves says:

    I wanted to wait a few weeks to let Wynne’s training seep n before leaving feedback. There is no doubt that I am riding better, with more confidence, faster and safer than I was before. As a result I am enjoying the biking more than ever. I did 2.5 days 1:1 with Wynne. It was huge fun, great value, and will stand me in good stead for as long as I can throw a leg over a motorbike. As the man might say, happy days!


  11. Michael John Digby says:

    What a great experience it was with Wynne yesterday. His course was tailored to suit my needs, whilst other faults i had were being rectified throughout the day. We left our meet and greet point at 8.30 am. I was early…..but Wynne was earlier! Tremendous roads to ride on, and feedback was continuous throughout the day at various coffee stops. I am trying to say how well this experience was for me, but words cannot describe the pleasure i had from his feedback, watching his riding and lines as i was following as he was maybe demonstrating or leading to the next road. He had his eye on the ball (bike) at all times, and never did i feel intimidated or nervous. All of my needs were rectified, and it is now up to myself to keep practicing and pulling the various “tools” out of the “tool box”. Brilliant day Wynne. We were riding up until about 7.30, and i covered about 290 miles myself, and approximately 250 of them were with Wynne under his superb guidance. Never a dull moment, and it does not matter how well you think you can do a certain riding discipline, you will always learn something else from him.

    Diolch yn fawr! (Thank you very much).



  12. Howard Broomhead says:

    I have just returned from 2 days riding in Wales with Wynn John and would recommend him to anyone who wishes to enhance their motorcycling skills. Although I have done advanced training previously, Wynn was still able to identify areas which will improve my riding further and more importantly make me safer. The roads he took us down were outstanding with technical as well as fast flowing sections. I have never visited South and West of Wales previously and was blown away with the scenery. What an experience and very good value for money. Thanks Wynn. Howard B.


  13. Andy (Alan / Ginge) Hunter says:

    WOW; such was the experience! Met up with Wynne on the Friday morning (Howard & I), the humour and banter were almost instantaneous, putting us both at ease to what we were about to run-through over the next couple of days. Wynne’s Knowledge and skill levels are second to none, very articulate in explaining on how and where improvement could be achieved, also very open and complementary on positive actions seen during assessment; positioning and the likes. Of the routes taken, well let’s just say, without Wynne’s guidance who would have known of such great roads (and I do mean great!), plenty to challenge everyone at all levels, Inclusive of phenomenal scenery and with the bonus of great coffee stops along the way, does it get better than this? (I suggest not!).
    Talk about surpass expectations and then some says I (Grin factor by the bucket load).
    Yes, I will be back to absorb more of this man’s knowledge, both in skills & location, location, location!


  14. Phil Evans says:

    Just got back from a full day of riding and the additional skills obtained are invaluable. Wynne John has to be one of the best course tutors in the world of road craft. A fun, challenging and breath taking adventure which has re-ignited my passion for riding. This level of encouragement and instruction is something that I should have had many years ago. Can’t wait for the next day out. Thanks so much Wynne.


  15. Mark Walters says:

    Joined Wynne on one his one day courses and what experience with amazing roads and stunning views plus one of a few coffee stops in the remotest location with breathtaking views,weather wasn’t great with rain and fog thrown in for good measure but took the whole wet weather riding experience to the next level.
    I highly recommend
    Wynne John ‘A Skills & Thrills experience’
    Diolch Wynne for an awesome day.


  16. Alex Roberts says:

    Just found this site……To cut a long story short, I did my “Bike safe” back in 2005 ish? A weekend of training with this huuuge copper ! On the Sunday the other bloke didn’t turn up ,so it was me and Wynn , him on his ST and at the time I had a ridiculous green Kawasaki ZX12R…..Well I learned so much that day ,and had just the best day out ,the ride back to police hq from Aberystwyth still makes me chuckle !
    I still try to put lessons learned that day into practice , but probably/ definitely need a refresher course , so anyone know a good instructor ? Cheers Wynne. Alex.


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